Stan, not Stanley.

I am a self taught seamstress and tailor with years of experience altering a variety of garments for an extensive yet consistent clientele. Raised in Chicago, Illinois, I was influenced at an early age by the streetwear culture and lifestyle brands based out of Chicago that sparked my interest in fashion. I initially got my foot in the industry with the creation of his first viral product in 2016 under the late brand, WellOff™ where I used my sewing and sourcing skills to create the "Traphouse" caps/crowns and then released a small collection completely under my direction.

In the midst of all the traffic the late brand was receiving, I felt a void. At the time, I decided to halt production of the collection and all other products to reevaluate, refocus, and differentiate between creating a brand and being/becoming an actual fashion designer. In better terms, earning the title of a fashion designer and not settling for mediocrity.

Two years later and I am a college educated designer with my bachelors degree in Textile and Apparel Management. Perfecting my craft and the general application of my skills, I am confident in who I have evolved into as a creative. More importantly, I understand my purpose as a designer and creative in today's modern society. 

More garments, commissioned pieces and online shop coming soon.