By Stan R.

Studio Work/Capstone

This contains all of my work produced during my Spring 2018 Capstone semester at the University Of Missouri where I received my Bachelors degree in Textile & Apparel Management. Majority of the garments are in the first production stages where I would analyze any possible fit or general garment alterations to be able to create the final production garment. These garments can be considered samples due to their production being in the early stages.


By Stan R.

Miscellaneous work

This contains some of the work I have created and worked on within the last 3 years (2015-2018). Most of these garments are in process, incomplete, or just drafts of my thought and design process.

Personal Work/Samples

This contains SOME of my work produced outside of school since the beginning of 2018. Some of these pieces are experiments or simply samples I created for my personal use. They were produced in my home studio where I have limited resources in comparison to the lab I utilized to produce my capstone garments.